About Carrie Towbes, PhD

About Carrie Towbes PhD

Carrie Towbes, PhD (she/her)
Licensed Psychologist

Providing a practice that focuses on the assessment and treatment of children and families.

Carrie specializes in psycho-educational evaluations of children and teens with learning differences including dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, executive difficulties, and intellectual giftedness.

In addition to assessment, Carrie helps families and children cope through difficult emotions and challenging behaviors using evidenced-based, practical, and solution-focused strategies to create positive change.

Carrie’s practice recognizes the critical role that parents play in nurturing their children’s development and how this role changes over time; as a result, her practice emphasizes family therapy, parent support, and coaching.


Carrie obtained her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Delaware in 1992, completing her doctorate with the support of a prestigious NIMH Child Clinical Training Grant. Prior to obtaining her PhD, she received a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Colorado, a MEd in Special Education from the University of Maryland, and obtained her Advanced Professional Teaching Certification. She taught elementary school children with emotional and learning disabilities in a Maryland public school system outside of Baltimore. As a psychologist, she has worked in schools, hospitals, community mental health centers, and nonprofit agencies. Carrie is a past member of the First Five Advisory Board of Santa Barbara County and a former clinical supervisor at CALM. She has served on a number of nonprofit boards that emphasize services to children and families.


California Licensed Psychologist #22514

Virginia Licensed Psychologist #0108-001980