School and Agency Consultation

We take a cooperative approach to consulting, focussing on providing solutions and helping professionals get unstuck.

Collaborative consultation can focus on individuals, such as helping a school develop reasonable accommodations to support a student with learning differences. Consultation can also empower an entire staff by increasing their effectiveness in dealing with the challenges of the children that they serve. We provide case consultation, in-service workshops, and education on a number of contemporary child mental health issues.

Dr. Towbes’ background as a clinical psychologist in schools, special education centers, hospitals, community mental health centers, and nonprofit agencies makes her uniquely qualified to forge partnerships that work. Prior to receiving her PhD in Child Clinical Psychology, Dr. Towbes received a BS in Elementary Education, a MEd in Special Education, and an Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate. She taught special education students with emotional and learning challenges.

Dr. Towbes understands how classrooms and schools function. She knows the demands of meeting the needs of a wide range of children. She applies this lens to her consultation services, stressing the ability to work as a team to create positive outcomes.